Finally, Nour get asylum in Sweden



After we had published a report regarding to the status of Homosexuals in Libya, Among the cases that have been subjected to torture and stalking in Libya was Nour,  a transsexual woman, and with the help of Refugees Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, she received right to asylum and permanent residence in Sweden after suffering lasted for about two years.

Quzah tried as much as possible through relationships with activists and associations help Nour, but always the situation of homosexual and transsexual in Libya and the Arab countries remains into the risk for homosexual people until they have the opportunity to travel abroad or have your case to the Human Rights Commission in the nearest country to your country of origin.

Unfortunately we cannot always rely on the names of well-known activists or in neighboring countries advocate associations for homosexual’s in all cases, as happened with Nour when she went to Egypt to seek help.

Quzah also calls the Libyan homosexual who is under threat and need help and guidance contact us and we’ll could be to help.

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